Struggling in school is something many children face at some point in their academic life. Children can lose interest in their learning and make it difficult for their parents to get them to school each morning.

As a parent, it can be hard to watch your child struggling with school, whether it be with particular classes, homework, or other students.

If your child is:

  • Failing in their lessons or exams
  • Giving constant excuses as to why they haven’t completed their homework or don’t want to go to school at all
  • Bringing home notes from teachers regarding their behaviour
  • Your child comes home stressed and upset after every school day

If you have already spoken to your child’s teachers about their behaviour or struggles in school, maybe their class teacher is willing to help them catch up during their break or lunchtime. You may also want to look into assisting them to feel more positive about school and get their homework up to date with a tutor.

Here are 4 reasons your child can benefit from a tutor:


School classrooms don’t provide the one-to-one attention your child may need to be able to understand a topic. A tutor can ensure they’re solely focused on your child, giving them the necessary time and patience to master the work set during school.

Improving grades

A tutor’s ultimate goal is to help your child improve their grades, especially if it’s a source of your child’s struggles. The tutor can personalise their learning according to your child’s needs, learning pace, and academic level.

Positive feedback

When a tutor is working with your child, they can provide positive feedback, praise, and encouragement they need to boost your child’s self-esteem and confidence when they’re achieving the right results.

Learning at their pace

Every child learns and works at different paces in the classroom, and therefore some children fall behind whilst others excel. A tutor will work with your child at the rate they’re comfortable with. The tutor will always put your child first, no matter how long it takes to grasp a concept or solve a problem.

If you think your child can benefit from having a tutor to help them get back on track at school, get in touch with us. Westcountry Tuition will help match the right tutor to your child so they can excel in their learning.

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