Differences between teachers and tutors

You might think that teachers and tutors are similar, but they have more differences than you think. On a daily basis, teachers are the educators of a class of up […]

Preparing your child for secondary school

When your child started primary school, you or your child were reluctant to leave the other. You questioned how they were fitting in, if they managed to get to the […]

4 Reasons your child can benefit from a tutor

Struggling in school is something many children face at some point in their academic life. Children can lose interest in their learning and make it difficult for their parents to […]

Do you need a tutor for the 11+ exam?

There are many resources parents can acquire for their child for the 11+ exam preparations, such as past papers and 11+ revision books, but do you need a tutor for […]

Learning with activities

With half term on the way, it can be a much-needed break from school. But that doesn’t mean that all learning needs to stop. If your child is in key […]

How to tackle the Homework Hurdle

If your child is avoiding their homework due to them not understanding it or not getting it completed on time, below are a few tips on how to tackle the […]

Is your child suffering from school stress?

Stress at school can affect any child at any age, whether due to upcoming tests or exams, homework, or just being in a classroom environment. Yes, school can be stressful, […]

How often would my child need a tutor?

When we get parents inquiring about tutoring for their children, we commonly get asked, ‘how often would my child need a tutor?’The simple answer to that is ‘It depends.’ Every […]

Knowing Your Child’s Learning Style

Many of us have a preferred way of learning. They are learning by listening, learning by doing, and learning by seeing. These three learning styles are: Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Visual. […]

Thinking of getting a maths tutor for your child?

Maths is an important subject within the schools’ curriculum. Whether your child is a lover of maths or struggling with the subject, they will need it when they venture out […]