Gail Ollis, BSc (Surrey) BSc (Open) Ph.D. CITP CEng MBCS MBPs

Gail Ollis shows her love of tutoring in every way: from bespoke lesson plans, tailor-made activities, and an ability to engage all students.

Gail has two undergraduate degrees (electronics and electrical engineering from Surrey and psychology from the Open University).  After a very successful career in software development, Gail combined her two degrees, completing her Ph.D. in the psychology of software development in 2019.

Gail tutors mathematics, science, English, psychology, and computer science. Her unique approach to quickly seeing how students learn best and tailoring her learning style to meet those learning needs makes Gail one of our most popular tutors.


“Gail just has that way of making it all seem so simple.”  Student

“Why couldn’t my college lecturer have explained it like that? ”  Student

“My son loves his maths lessons with Gail, she makes it all come alive for him. I thought I was going to have to force him to log on, but he’s eager to every time.”

Mrs. Farrow, Blandford.