What does a dead language have to offer our contemporary world?

We offer a Latin tuition service. Maybe you would be surprised to learn that Latin is a language where all the key elements of a modern education come together.

For inquisitive minds, it offers a space in which to reflect, challenge, and debate beliefs. The questions of a Cicero are as relevant as they were 2000 years ago.

Latin is a gateway to a heritage beyond language: An empire of thought that benefits learning of History, Archaeology, Literature, Law, Architecture, Medicine and of course the origins of our own contemporary language.

So, standing at the foot of the great ancient monuments and wondering. What those words mean is not just a question of deciphering the words and their meanings, it is entering into another mode of thinking. Therefore, Latin is still studied in top independent schools and is an important part of their curriculum.

Latin teaches patience, rigour, perseverance, and an understanding of different cultures which are all vital skills in the 21st century.

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Although Latin teaching has developed significantly in the last 50 years. It is no longer taught as a language of endless vocabulary lists and role learning.  Latin is not without its challenges. The rigorous logical world of cases, declensions, verbs, and complex sentence structures can become overwhelming. A student can easily get lost in it.  When it is solely taught in the classroom it is difficult to gauge how much input each individual learner needs.

This is where Westcountry Tuition’s Latin tutors are both essential and practical. We can either start the Latin from scratch or pick up from what the student is learning already and fill in the missing gaps.

Latin tuition expert

Our Latin tuition expert will skillfully adapt the Latin tutoring to the specific learner at their own pace and following a particular course or method (such as the Cambridge method) to ensure the student is working and meeting their potential.

Perhaps you want to learn Latin from scratch, catch up on missing grammar, build a vocabulary bank, read literature with a deeper appreciation, scanning poetry, or getting the best grades in specific Common Entrance exams. A level exams, or just for general interest. In short Westcountry Tuition’s Latin tutors will take you where you need to go.

Our Latin tuition experts are based in Dorset, Somerset, and globally online.

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