Find SATs, 11+, 13+ and common entrance tutors and tuition in Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire, or globally online. At Westcountry Tuition we know that for many children, SATs or common entrance exams are often the first time they will experience tests of this nature.

There can be all sorts of reactions to tests like this, nerves, competitiveness, excitement, academic withdrawal, and the wish to do well. All children are individuals and will have their own individual reactions to exams like this, therefore Westcountry Tuition strives to ensure we match your child to the tutor who is best suited to your child’s individual academic needs and personal responses to these common entrance exams.

At Westcountry Tuition, we ensure that we match your child to a tutor who is qualified, and expert and will facilitate your child to not only do the best they can in these exams but who can also make the process enjoyable and fun.

Getting it right at this age is crucial for the rest of your child’s academic years, we take matching your child to the right tutor very seriously indeed. There is nothing we like more than knowing we have set a young person off on the right track with their education.

For more information about how we can help you, please phone our head office on 01747 859102 or email us via our contact form.