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Chemistry is a fascinating science that is everything and everywhere. Chemistry is often described as fundamental science. Because it is the study of matter, the fundamental rules of nature, and how all things obey these natural laws. Moreover, Chemistry is the how and why of everything.

Chemistry can answer questions like, “Why is the sky blue?” Why is Mars red? What happens to the water level when you put a handful of salt in it? Why is glass really a liquid?  Chemistry is used every day by pharmacists to make new medicines, and by police forensic scientists to solve crimes and engineers. Who developed the processing chips for whatever device you are using to read this text on. Wherever you go, chemistry is all around you.

Private Chemistry TuitionHowever, all of Westcountry Tuition’s approved private chemistry tutors know that chemistry has the reputation of being a difficult subject at school. This difficulty is mainly because of the piecemeal way it is taught in the classroom, with lots of facts and abstract calculations. Our chemistry tutors can make the subject come alive, become more meaningful and allow you to understand in a very deep way.

Private Chemistry Tutors

At Westcountry Tuition the approved private chemistry tutors we provide have up-to-date knowledge of the syllabus and exam boards. The chemistry tutors will strive to ensure you have the best chances of getting the most marks in your exams. So, whether you are looking for an 11+, 13 plus, common entrance exam, GCSE, IGCSE, A level, or University tuition. We will provide you with the best fir chemistry tutor for you and your education.

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