Prep / Primary School Tuition

The years spent learning before Senior school is vitally important. Is your child getting the most out of these years? The Prep and Primary school years are important for young learners, these are the years when their intellectual minds are being nurture and stimulated. It is also in these informative years that children build their self-esteem and begin to academically compare themselves to their class peers.

Both Prep and Primary schools involve broad learning designed to build the foundations of all future knowledge. Along with knowledge, children develop creativity and become curious about the world around them. All schools attempt to provide a learning environment that nurtures the minds of young academics; ensuring they are in the best possible position for senior school.

For senior school success, children need to be academically competent for their age group along with have self-confidence and self-esteem within their learning. Both ability and confidence are key factors in any child’s performance in senior school.

However, for some children, the foundational years are not so easy and for various reasons, they can get left behind. The foundational skills in literacy and numeracy can be found in all subject areas, without them, the rest of the subjects become inaccessible.

This is where Westcountry Tuition can ensure your child is not left behind. Give them all the academic tools they need for success at senior school. The tutor we provide for you will ensure that your child not only has the academic ability to succeed. But also has the confidence and mindset needed to try new academic challenges.

Tuition for Prep School Children

In prep school, the curriculum is often more diverse and broader. Children have plenty of opportunities to explore many subjects and are support to find where their strengths and skills are. However, there is also an academic element that includes common entrance or the newer Prep School Baccalaureate (PSP).

Westcountry Tuition’s Tutors will strive to give your child the best possible chances in their education. Whether your goals are to increase your child’s confidence, and succeed in common entrance exams, scholarship exams, and entrance into your chosen senior school. Westcountry Tuition will work alongside you and your child to gain academic success.

We will ensure to match you with a tutor that is most suited to your child’s needs and your current prep school requirements. Your child may need support with the more traditional subjects like Latin, Languages, and Mathematics. For some children, tutors with a focus on literacy development and age-appropriate exam skills are more suitable. Westcountry Tuition will match your tutor to your child’s specific needs.

For more information about how we can help your child get the most out of their prep school years. Call us on 01747 359055 or use the contact form to get in touch.

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Tuition for Primary School Children

The curriculum for Primary school is wide and broad and follows the department of education’s (DofE) standards. Children are enrich with a lot of the foundational knowledge all young people should have.

The national curriculum has a focus on phonics and other literacy levels in the early years. All children are measure alongside the national guidelines. In addition, there are very specific levels associates with a child’s skills in mathematics. These levels and targets continue in both literacy and mathematics until their final SATs in year 6.

When taking these numerous tests, primary schools make it clear that the tests are not academically limiting, meaning they will not hold a child back in life. However, children still know their ability in the tests and often worry about them. In our experience, children can begin to believe they are not clever or able when they have lower scores or find tests very difficult.

At Westcountry Tuition our Primary school tutors are skill at seeing what learning gap your child might have and filling those gaps. We ensure to match children and tutors in such a way that brings the best out in your child. Just as children are all unique and have their differences, tutors also have their differences too and are not the same.

Some children will need help with literacy and Maths, other children will need help in reading what is being asked of them. Comprehension, and following instructions. Other children will need help with their confidence to ‘have a go’ even when they are unsure.

Whatever your child’s academic needs are. Westcountry Tuition will ensure you are match with the tutor that can bring the best out of your child and improve their academic lives.

To find out more about how we can help your child gain the most out of their primary school years. Call us on 01747 359055 or contact us via the contact form.