University / Adult Tuition

University Tuition

At Westcountry Tuition we have a wide range of tutors. Who are experts in their field or University lectures or adult tuition.

We know how beneficial short-term tuition can be before exams and for those moments when you are stuck in your subject. Whether it is Engineering, Essay writing, or advanced exam skills. We have a tutor to help you with most subjects.

We strive to match you with the tutor who will be the best fir for you and will help you reach your personal goals.

Get in touch to find out how we can help make your university life a lot easier and help you get the grades the need.

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Adult Tuition

Adult education is a wonderful thing, we all have the potential to learn grow and develop no matter what age we are. However, educating yourself as an adult can be quite terrifying and scary for some people. some adults who struggled at school or for whatever reason could not complete University may have fears and worries that stem back from this time. For other adults just thinking about learning again can make them feel like a child in the classroom was overwhelmed at the time.

Some adults may judge themselves, believing they should have succeeded in education. When they were younger and thought they are too old. Unfortunately, this judgment can sometimes get a bit out of place, and you may think that the tutor will judge you too. Or the tutor will be secretly wondering while you want to learn something new at your age.

However, rest assured, at Westcountry tuition all our tutors love learning. Whilst they are all specialists in their field, albeit Maths, English, Sciences, Philosophy, Psychology, Business studies and many more. If you talk to any of them, they’re all learning something new just for fun on the side. To our tutors, lifelong learning is something they all do and see is normal. Our tutors will think you’re more strange if you don’t want to learn as an adult.

Everyone at Westcountry tuition loves tutoring and sharing knowledge. However, we also know that not everybody can learn at the same pace, style, or with the same interests. At Westcountry tuition, we ensure that you are paired with a tutor who is the best possible match for your learning style and learning needs. whether you want to learn a new language, get better at maths finally get that A level you wish you’d got 20 years ago, or start a whole load of courses for a new career. We will have the best fit tutor for you.

For more information about how we can help you cool us all at 01747 359055 or contact us via our contact form.