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The summer holidays have flown by, and we ready ourselves to go back to school for another academic year. Depending on where your children are in their academic life, this can be an exciting or scary time, or maybe a little bit of both!

Those at primary school who are finally in the top year will feel great to be in the oldest year in the school after looking up to their elders for so long. If your child is about to start their journey at secondary school, it can be a bit more unsettling as they take their first steps into a new school with new teachers and new classmates.

While some schools ease the students in gently, others dive in at the deep end. The way students are taught is very different from their primary education as there’s less help on hand to answer questions in class. Secondary schools expect students to be more self-sufficient and proactive in finding answers and solving problems.

It’s essential that your child stays on top of their workload, as firstly, it can be challenging to catch up, and secondly, it can be stressful for your child trying to catch up and still be given more work to do. This can harm your children’s learning.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way! If you have any doubt as to how your child is settling into their new school or coping with their workload, it’s vital that you get help and advice as early as possible.

If your child needs that extra bit of help with a particular subject(s), needs help with getting ready for exams, our tutors can help fill in the blanks. Arming your child with the know-how and the confidence to tackle any new problems that may have with a subject. Get in touch with Westcountry Tuition to see how we can help you and help your child excel in their new academic year.

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