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Every child can get the odd disappointing grade now and then. Although school grades are a significant part of education, it’s essential to help your child deal with poor results in a way that allows them to regain their confidence and puts them back on the right path with a positive mindset. If your child’s received bad grade results for a subject they’re struggling in, it can be hard to keep their motivation for that subject going. This is why it’s vital for parents to help them deal with poor results positively and supportively, rather than focusing on the negative. Below are some different ways you can help your child when their academic results aren’t going as well as they hoped.

Ask questions and be supportive.

Approach your child from a positive and constructive point of view by asking questions and being supportive. See what your child thinks about what caused them to get a lower grade. Was it a particular area they’re not doing so well in lessons with? Would additional help via a tutor help? This may help solve the problem and tackle the issue together as a team. Make a plan for the next few months in ways you could help your child, and your child can feel more confident in the subject area.

Recognise effort more than the outcome

Disappointing results can be upsetting and disheartening for your child. Instead of catering to the disappointment, try to send the message that you’re proud of the effort and hard work they’ve put in and trying things they’re not sure they could do successfully. Recognising the effort over the outcome shows your child that you have noticed the time and energy they have put in, even if the results aren’t what they were hoping for. Remind them how hard they’ve worked and how well they’re doing, maybe come up with different alternatives for them to try out next time, whether it’s with homework or revision. Join in on their revision and make it a positive thing to do together, so they don’t feel like they’re going it alone.

Praise regularly

Giving praise to children is so important when they aren’t doing as well as they could in school. Take the time to acknowledge the excellent attendance, the gold stars on homework, and their positive attitudes. When children feel recognised in areas they’re excelling at, it can inspire them to want to do better in the subjects that may need some improvement.

Remind your child that bad grades aren’t the end of the world

No-one is perfect (maybe even mention any bad grades you received at school) and that it doesn’t make them a failure in any way, shape or form. Switching the discussion to things they’re good at and excel at can help your child focus on the positives in their education instead of festering on the negatives.

Get your child some extra help

Extra help from a tutor can be really valuable for your child if they’ve been suffering from poor results in school. A one-to-one tutor can help fill in the gaps in your child’s learning, revisit topics of a subject they’ve been struggling with and help them better understand it, but it can also help your child build confidence in their learning skills. Being supportive can go a long way when helping your child come to terms with bad grade results, with the addition of a tutor too, can go a long way and benefit your child long term.

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