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The benefits of reading to and with your child are endless. It develops their communication skills, enhances their concentration, and nurtures their bond with you.

6 Benefits of reading with your children

  • Development of their communication skills
  • Concentration and discipline
  • Higher performance at school
  • Conquering the fear of the classroom
  • Nurturing the parent/child bond
  • Cultural understandings

Development of their communication skills

Most children’s stories explore multiple environments from home life, day to day experiences to magical places, all full of beautiful worlds and characters. The best children’s books have narratives or characters that they can relate to. By reading with your child, you can help your child find similarities or explain differences. Allowing them to connect and positively communicate with others.

Concentration and discipline

Children have a limitless supply of energy. You may find they fidget and become distracted, but they will eventually settle for the story. Having a routine or a scheduled reading time with your child teaches them self-discipline and routine. It also helps with memory retention and extending their attention spans.

Higher performance at school

One of the most beneficial advantages of reading with your child is that they will develop a higher competency for learning in different environments. Reading at home, whether you read to them or let them do the reading, will allow you to see where they excel and where they need help.

Conquering the fear of the classroom

If your child loves to read but is quite shy and reserved when it comes to a classroom environment, reading aloud at home can help boost their confidence, prepare themselves, and feel comfortable reading out loud in classroom interactions, without the worry of making mistakes.

Nurturing the parent/child bond

Children are always on the go, making them become little explorers. Cuddling up on the sofa or their bed with a book gives you and your child the essential time together that provides routine and stability, and more importantly, brings you both closer together.

Cultural understandings

Books are not just different worlds’ that your child can lose themselves in, but can also teach them about different cultures, histories, develop their social skills, and encourage them to change the world positively.

Reading for pleasure brings not only success in school learning but comfort, confidence, wild imaginations, and fun. It is an essential element of family life, bringing you closer together.


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