If your child is avoiding their homework due to them not understanding it or not getting it completed on time, below are a few tips on how to tackle the homework hurdle.

Keep homework to a specific area in the home

Having a designated area for your child to do homework will help them get in the mindset to complete the work needed. A well-equipped space for them to have anything they need at hand with minimum distractions can help them focus, feel organised and have a positive mindset to complete the homework.

Get involved

It may have been a while since you were sitting in a classroom. How your child is taught how to problem-solve or the processes they need to go through to answer a question may not be how you were taught. However, getting involved and allowing your child to show you what they need to do not only teaches you something new but also will enable you to gauge where your child is academically. You can learn what subjects and topics your child is interested in and if they are experiencing difficulty in others.

Plan ahead

Not all homework given is due the day after. For the homework deadlines that are a couple of days, a week, or even two weeks ahead of when it was given, it’s best to make a plan. A homework diary that you and your child can keep up to date and on top of any deadlines can help your child prepare and prioritise what needs doing when, so there’s no worrying or stressing about last-minute deadlines. It also enables you to stay up to date with what your child has going on.

Get into a routine

Having a regular set time for homework will help your child with structure and routine. Whether it’s right after school to get it done and out of the way so they can spend the rest of the evening enjoying other interests or allowing them to have a break beforehand, you and your child will know between yourselves when your child works best.

Keep them motivated and engaged

Sitting down with your child and talking them through their homework questions or allowing your child to explain what they need to achieve and how they’re going to achieve it can help keep them engaged and encouraged to do the work, as they will want to show you what they know and have learnt. If they’re finding a task troublesome, a good rule for you to stick to is to never do it for them. Go through it together, so they don’t feel alone, and if it’s still something they don’t fully understand, help them work through it, allowing them to understand the process or get to the answer they need to feel the achievement of doing it themselves.

Outsource help

If you see your child struggling with their homework after following the above tips, they may benefit from a tutor. At Westcountry Tuition, we can help provide the best tutor for your needs and your child’s struggling subjects. If you’re considering having a tutor to help your child with their schoolwork and would like to know more, give us a call or contact us through our form.

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