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As a parent it can be hard to keep up with your child’s learning, especially in high school, you end up waiting for the end-of-year results to see how they’re getting on, as many teenagers say everything is fine, even if it’s not. Sometimes it can be hard to see past exam results and report cards, but there’s more to life than that. If your child has learning difficulties, be supportive and encouraging, and offer to help them if you can,

Here are a few steps you can take to help your child with their learning.

Make subjects manageable

A task or a question can seem daunting to your child even if it looks simple to you. Help them make the task more manageable, breaking the subject or task into smaller more manageable steps. When they understand each step and are able to tackle the task in its full capacity, your child will gain a boost of confidence in their ability and also feel happier that they’ve received your help.

Give your child space to accomplish their own goals

Be patient and create an environment where your child knows they can take their time and think things through without feeling panicked, rushed, or confused. It can be easy to handhold your child with a task from beginning to end; however, if you help them break it down into smaller steps they can accomplish on their own, it will be more likely to stick and be remembered for when they reencounter it.

Celebrate their vision of success, not your own

Something that you may find easy maybe a massive milestone for someone else. How you react to that step for your child determines how they perceive their achievements.

Celebrate the struggles

If you can teach your child to engage with challenges in a positive and meaningful way, this will give them a crucial tool to deal with the challenges of life, inevitably shifting your child’s mindset. Show them that mistakes and challenges can be growth opportunities and that everyone deals with their struggles and problems despite their learning difficulties.

In the long run, if you can help equip them to tackle their challenges, such as a learning difficulty, you can give them the tools, hope, and confidence to succeed and flourish.

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