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Why learn Latin with Westcountry Tuition indeed?

When we hear the word Latin, some of us automatically think of it as an outdated, hard to learn, irrelevant language for modern communication. This is despite the fact that a vast proportion of the words and phrases we use in our speech and writing daily are based on Latin.

Westcountry Tuition have high-quality private Latin tuition available to students in the Dorset and surrounding areas, but the question you’re asking right now is:

Why should my child learn Latin?

A quick search on your favourite search engine will elicit a vast list of resources devoted to that very fact. The table below is just a snippet

Latin Definition English Derivatives
villa villa, house villa, village, villager
alta tall, high, deep altitude, altimeter, alto
antiqua antique, old antique, antiquity, ancient
longa long longitude, longevity, long
magna large, great magnify, magnificent, magnitude

English Vocabulary Derived from Latin

Why your child should study Latin with Westcountry Tuition?

As already mentioned, more than half of the English language comes from Latin and, by studying it, it can feed a curious mind, especially those wanting to learn English grammar.

For example, why are some plurals (appendices, memoranda) the way they are? The answer lies in their Latin origins.

Surprisingly, if your child is interested in learning other languages like French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and even Romanian, a good grounding in Latin will make this much easier.

More science than language? The technical terms in many sciences are native Latin, especially biology and most branches of medicine. Even those with a bias towards history will benefit as a grasp of Latin will open a cultural odyssey that may fascinate for years to come.

On a practical level, many independent schools use the Common Entrance Test Classics Syllabus as part of their requirements to gain a place. The Independent Schools Examination Board (ISEB) says at 13+ that candidates will be assessed or are expected to develop skills in:

  • AO1 translation from Latin or Greek to English.
  • AO2 translation from English to Latin or Greek at an appropriate level.
  • AO3 manipulation of basic grammar.

Source: ISEB, 6 May 2021.

Suppose you are Dorset or Somerset based and considering sending your child to a school that either requires Latin as part of the entrance requirements or teaches it to a reasonable level. In that case, starting private Latin tuition with Westcountry Tuition is one of the best things you can do to give your child confidence and a head-start on their academic adventure.

Don’t be misled, however. Latin is for everybody with an interest in language (and the other subjects as we have mentioned) and helps to develop skills that will last a lifetime, for example, patience, rigour, perseverance, and an understanding of different cultures, which are all vital skills in the 21st century.

Whatever the reason you are considering private Latin tuition, adult or child, start your journey the right way with Westcountry Tuition.

Our Latin tutors are based in Dorset, Somerset and globally online. Please use the contact page or call us on 01747 359055 to find out more.

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